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The Scentsy candles brand is on the forefront of the boom in he candle business. These alternative sources o light do not have a wick and as such do not need a flame. They are made of a special oil based medium and instead of being lit by a flame, they are heated through a special warmer.

This amazing product can also be scented to match the mood prevailing in your home or car. When the warmer is operated using an electric power source, a nice aroma spreads around the room. These heaters come in an assortment of colors and designs that you can choose for your use.


What is to be gained from their use

scentsy candles

One of the major disadvantages of conventional candles for lighting purposes is their polluting nature. They make a confined space clogged with a thick cloud of ill smelling smoke. It has also come to the attention of health experts that this smoke may contain some traces of lead which causes lead poisoning. You will thus avoid exposing your family to health risks when you use these products.


These products also earn points on the safety bit. By default, the warmer can only heat the wax up to around your body temperature and this eliminates chances of burning on contact. This candle can be left on overnight without worry of accidental fires such as when the candle is accidentally tipped. They also have longer burning time, sometimes lasting up to eighty hours.


Designers spend a lot of time in the making of these products. The market has a lot of different models you could buy. The creative interplay with shapes and colors produces beautiful pieces that can enhance the aesthetic value of your home. The neat housewife will appreciate its soot free reliable service.


Another attractive feature is the warmers that are very easy to clean. Using this source of lighting will not leave untidy lumps of dripped wax all over your furniture. Some long term user have claimed that you will learn to create your own warmers with time. All one needs is to follow up on online links related to Scentsy candles.


Most suppliers and consultants will maintain close contact with their counterparts. As a rule is very good to conduct a thorough market research by reading about any company you are considering partnering with. This product has existed for well over eight years and is a testimony to the market value of the goods manufactured by this company. Though its sale has not picked up to a level high enough to compete with conventional candles, they have embarked on strategic marketing tactics to make their presence in the industry felt by all players.


The Scentsy candles production company has instigated a success program for consultants dealing with their product. This is powered through a launch program that targets newly engaged consultants within their first seventy days. A large discount is made on all their purchases of their most effective products. This network marketing giant has also introduced an element of diversity in its products with teddy bears, travel tins and room sprays.

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